What’s the difference between S6500D and without D? With D, your samsung has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Just google it. What is rooting? I’ve explained it somewhere else.. um.. let say.. Root means I get full access to my android phone. Think it as run as administrator in Windows. Normally, android is setup for each device either it’s HTC, Sony, Samsung, etc. Ups. I’ve said it before.

So you still don’t know what is the benefit rooting your phone?

I can’t explain it well, but let say this. You want to remove any application that can’t be uninstalled in your phone? Then rooting is one of your answer. You can uninstall any app from Titanium Backup (application that need fully access/rooted device). With Titanium backup you also can backup any applications.

You can made your own custom ROM (or let say themes?) or other custom ROM and install it in your own Jena. Using ROM Manager (again.. it’s need fully access/rooted device).

Wait wait… what is rooted device. If you finish this method successfully, you can say that your phone device is rooted.

I’ve just repost what’s posted on the XDA forum, for my own backup. So thanks and full credits goes to them. Anyway I’ll share the method with my own words.


  1. Rooting your android phone mean you lose your phone guarantee!
  2. You 100% do it on your own consequences.
  3. Rooting sometimes device specific. It means you have to make sure you are using galaxy mini 2 S6500D or without D if you want to try the method in my post.

Anyway I’ve tried this method for the first time, and finish it without any troubles.


You need these before start rooting :

  1. Samsung USB Driver (ADB). You can do it in many ways. Download ADB directly from samsung. Or you can install Samsung Kies that has ADB, you can uninstall the kies later. (Kies is bloated app anyway for me). I get the driver from samsung kies. Just google it, install samsung kies. Then uninstall it :p
  2. Odin 3 ver 1.85
  3. Clockworkmod Recovery
  4. Rooting Kit from doomlord

Oh, first at all, make sure your jena is fully charged (well, 90% charged or so). You do not want to know what happen to your jena if the battery is down while rooting. The tutorial says that you can root it in just 5 minutes. They are not wrong.. IF AND ONLY IF you have those components above.

Rooting steps : (actually it’s better if you go there)

1.  Turn off the phone, boot your phone in [Download mode]. you can do that by pressing Vol (down) and Home and power key all at once (Do not press volume-up + Home + Power, or it will boot your phone in [Recovery Mode] )

2. after that you should get to this screen, just press the volume up to ignore the warning to proceed.

You should see below screen… 

Then connect your phone to the pc. If you stuck in this process, it’s mean that you have not install the Samsung USB Driver.

If you can successfully connect your phone to PC, Open Odin3 v1.85.exe

then press the PDA button and choose the other file called ( clockworkmod- )
ok, before we continue you should take care of something
if you get Exactly this screen, then you did something wrong

as you see in the rec circle Odin did NOT detect your phone
-its either not connected probably or its drivers is not installed
so make sure you check both of these things

now if you get THIS screen with Odin detecting your phone then you are ready to go 
press the PDA button and load the file called ( clockworkmod- )
then press start,If you see pass with green background make sure you did it right 
after that CLOSE, you must CLOSE odin, just exit it. 

Now turn off your phone again and boot it in ( Recovery mode ) you can do this by pressing both of the volume buttons and the home and power key, so basically you just press all the buttons at the same time.
as you see it will say GT7500 but its ok, 


You should get this screen

remember: your phone is still connected to the pc the whole process

Now open the other file 

AGAIN, if you get this kind of error ( device not found )
Then you you probably did the same thing and proceed without making sure of finishing the prev.step.

But if you did it correctly, you should see this: 
it MIGHT (probably will) fail the first time, just exit and run the file again to make sure.

Then you are ready to go 
now you will be automatically on the first option ( reboot system now ) just press the home key and the phone will reboot
open the app menu and you should see ( super user ) installed on your phone
to make sure you are rooted just go to the google store and search Titanum backup
install it and you will see it Require the super user request to proceed.


Say no thanks to me but, the XDA community. Lastly, cmiiw. Share and enjoy 😀